SUNY Geneseo Undergraduate
Journal of Science and Mathematics

Instruction to Authors

Failure to follow these instructions may lead either to a delay in the review process or to the rejection of your manuscript.

Manuscripts may be submitted at any time. If you wish for your article to be published in the edition that appears prior to the spring graduation ceremony manuscripts must be received by the editor-in-chief by April 1. Timely publication depends on speedy reviews and a short turnover of the manuscript by the author once it has been accepted and galley proofs delivered.

The format for manuscripts follows standard scientific journals with headings for Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Literature Cited. Subheadings will be allowed where necessary. Graphical material is preferable over tables whenever possible.

Citations should be complete and provide the entire journal name without abreviations. In-text citations are made in either of two common ways:

"Jones et al. (1993) found that ...." or "Bluebirds have been found to have territories in excess of 20 ha (Jones et al. 1993)." Citations should be ordered alphabetically by first author in the "Literature Cited" section. Here is an example of what a source might look like:

Jones, M., B. Smith, and D. Durland. 1993. Testing the interaction of inumerable factors on the growth of C. elegans. Journal of Irreproducible Results 7(3): 257-262.

The Journal is published electronically. For the review process authors are required to submit four hardcopies of their manuscripts to the editor-in-chief. Upon acceptance in the Journal students will be asked to supply a digital version of their manuscript in MS Word format via email or deposited in the editor-in-chief's InBox in the folder "JoSM." If you plan to drop the manuscript on the computer please group all the files into a folder, named with your last name, first and then drag and drop the entire folder. Please address any questions to the editor-in-chief.

For additional details please see journal instructions from your particular discipline (e.g., the Ecological Society of America standards would be appropriate for ecology-based papers).

Authors publishing in the Journal implicitly agree to the following copyright transfer agreement.

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