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No prior publication

SUNY Geneseo Journal of Science and Mathematics (hereafter referred to as "SGJoS") requires that all submissions be original contributions and that, when in doubt, full disclosure of possible redundant publication must be made in the letter of submission.Under certain circumstances, use of the same data in two or more publications is appropriate and beneficial. This may be particularly true when new information allows reinterpretation of previously published data. In many cases, however, duplicate publication is wasteful of journal space and user resources. It is the Editor-in-Chief's responsibility to decide whether specific duplications are useful or wasteful. These decisions are generally based on information supplied by the authors. To facilitate this process, the SGJoS has adopted a policy that at the time of submission, authors must provide information describing the extent to which data or text in the manuscript have been used in other papers that are published, in press, submitted, or some to be submitted elsewhere. In cases of overlap with other publications or submissions, authors should include copies of the papers in question along with the submission.

Sometimes it is difficult to assess whether a work has truly been published previously. If a previous work was published in a journal or book that is already available in libraries or available for libraries to purchase, we expect no more than one-third overlap between the previous publication and the submission to the SGJoS. Reference should be made to any closely related previous publication, especially if a table or figure is reproduced. When in doubt, an author should supply copies of the previous publication to be sent to the Editor-in-Chief.

If any data in a manuscript have been included in other published or unpublished manuscripts, the legend of each table or illustration reporting such data must cite those manuscripts. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce previously published material.

A posting of a manuscript or thesis on a personal or institutional homepage or ftp are not allowed.Prior to publication, posting of manuscripts in public preprint archives or in an institution's public archive of unpublished theses will not be considered grounds for declaring a manuscript published. If a manuscript is available as part of a digital publication such as a journal, technical series or some other entity to which a library can subscribe (especially if that publication has an ISSN or ISBN), we will consider that the manuscript has been published and is thus not eligible for consideration by the SGJoS. A partial test for prior publication is whether the manuscript has appeared in some entity with archival value so that it is permanently available to reasonably diligent scholars. A necessary test for prior publication is whether the author can legally transfer copyright to the SGJoS.

Transfer of copyright

So that the Author(s) and SUNY Geneseo Journal of Science and Mathematics (hereafter referred to as "SGJoS") may be protected from the consequences of unauthorized use, author(s) must grant and assign to JoS rights to publish an accepted manuscript or data paper and any associated supplemental material (work) in all languages and in any other form, in the United States and in any other countries, and to assign others the right to do so. The Author(s) shall retain the right to quote from, reprint, translate and reproduce the work, in part or in full, in any book or article he/she may later write, or in any public presentation. The Author may not post the work in a publicly accessible form on another web site. If the Author(s) reproduces a portion of the work in a book, article or other media, the legend or caption of any table or figure that represents data from the work, in original or modified form, shall cite the work as the source of those data. In addition, the Author(s) shall have the right to photocopy the work for his/her own use or public distribution. If the Author(s) reprints, translates or photocopies the work, the original copyright notice, as it appears in the journal, must be included. The Author retains all proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights.

All authors must agree to transfer copyright (or equivalent rights) for their manuscript to SGJoS. By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that the copyright )or equivalent rights) for their article will be transferred to the SGJoS if and when the article is accepted for publication. After a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the authors must complete and submit to the SGJoS the copyright release form. The official form will be prepared by the SGJoS and sent to the corresponding author, who will be expected to obtain the signatures of the other authors.

In submitting a copyright release, the author(s) represents that he/she is the sole proprietor of the Work; that it does not infringe any existing copyright; that it has not heretofore been published; and that to the best of his/her knowledge it contains no matter libelous or other unlawful or which invades the right of privacy or which infringes on any proprietary right. The Author(s) will hold harmless the SGJoS against any claim, demand, or recovery finally sustained in any proceedings brought against the SGJoS by reason of any violation of any proprietary right or copyright, or any unlawful matter contained in the work. When previously published data, interpretations, or ideas are included in a work, the author(s) shall cite the source (for example, "1850 data are from Darwin [1859]) and list the reference in the Literature Cited section. In the event that copyright to a portion or all of the work has previously been registered with the Library of Congress, the author(s) will promptly transfer the copyright to the SGJoS. If previously copyrighted material is included in the work, the author(s) must confirm that permission for its reuse has been received from the original copyright holder. A copy of each permission should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief of the SGJoS. The publication(s) in which the copyrighted material(s) appear(s) should be listed in the Literature Cited section of the work. In each figure, illustration, table, or block of text that uses previously copyrighted material, a citation in one of the following forms should appear: "From Darwin (1859)" or "Modified from Darwin (1859)" or "Redrawn from Darwin(1859)."

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