SUNY Geneseo Undergraduate
Journal of Science and Mathematics

Instruction to Reviewers

Below are the guidelines provided to reviewers of manuscripts.

Dear Manuscript Reviewer:

Thank you for agreeing to review the enclosed manuscript: JoSM 00- ___________. Your review of this manuscript is an integral part of the Journal and is greatly appreciated. Your comments will improve the quality of the manuscript and the Journal as a whole.

Please follow the guidelines below when you review the manuscript.

We ask that you please complete the review and return it to the Associate Editor who gave you the manuscript within three weeks. If this will not be possible please return the manuscript immediately to the Associate Editor or the Editor-in-Chief. The Journal is relying on prompt response times from reviewers to reduce publication time.

If you have any problems please contact Dr. Gregg Hartvigsen, Editor-in-Chief, by phone: 245-5448 or by e-mail:

Thank you,

Dr. Gregg Hartvigsen, Biology Department, Editor-in-Chief

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