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Can faculty publish in the Journal?
Absolutely! But they must be a secondary author to a student. This is for undergraduates!

Can a paper be published again elsewhere?
No. If a student publishes in the Journal it appears online for universal consumption. A paper, in general, can't live in two places at once and can't live somewhere for awhile and then move to another journal. Shoot for a larger audience if you have an important paper. If the work is of local interest then this is the place for it.

Why would anyone publish in the Journal if it then can't be published elsewhere?
The goal is to publish your research. If research is done and it doesn't appear then it was recreational. A primary goal of this Journal is to get students to write up their results. If a student wants to publish and a faculty member is supportive but says NOT "there" this Journal has succeeded! You should ALWAYS publish your research in the best possible journal. Work with your mentor to decide where is the most appropriate journal to send your work.

I did work during a summer research experience and would like to publish my work. Can I publish in the Journal?
Absolutely! But you must have permission of those who oversaw the research and any other interested parties.

Can I "publish" a poster I did for G.R.E.A.T. Day?
It is really great to archive it on this site. Technically it is NOT a publication, however, since it is not a paper and it did not go through a peer-review. Since that is the case you should be safe archiving the work on this site. We STRONGLY encouraged you to write it up as a paper! The poster should be given to the Editor-in-Chief (e.g., in their InBox). You should then email him/her to let them know you're hoping it'll be archived on the site. You always will be able to look back at it and give employers and grad-schools the address to see your work.

Can I publish my honors thesis in the Journal?
In its current form it would be archived under theses. If you write it up as a scientific paper then it can be submitted to the Journal for peer-review. As a thesis it does not automatically by-pass the review process. Talk with the Editor-in-Chief.

I did work during a summer research experience and I was 15th of 16 authors on a poster. Can I display the poster on the Journal's website?
Not likely. To do so you need to have the permission of all the other authors and interested parties. Most likely the first author will control its destiny. This is true even if you're the first author. You should work with that group to help publish it, however.

Can I publish a review paper?
Absolutely. This would be great!

Can I publish a book review?
Possibly. Please talk to the Editor-in-Chief.

There's a deadline for submitting papers that will appear by graduation (April 1). What if I miss this?
No problem! We have a rolling submission deadline. Anytime is fine. We will hold papers and publish in batches. In the mean time, if the paper is accepted and the corrected, final version is on hand, it will appear online as "Forthcoming."

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