SUNY Geneseo Undergraduate
Journal of Science and Mathematics


The Editorial Board of the SUNY Geneseo Journal of Science and Mathematics is comprised of an Editor-in-Chief, a single faculty member from each of the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics, and two undergraduate students who served as the Managing Editors. For this first issue manuscripts were received and handled by those individuals listed below. Shawn Plummer helped with the production of the PDF files. I would especially like to thank the Managing Editors for their extraordinary efforts, for they handled the bulk of the production of this first issue.


Dr. Gregg Hartvigsen
Biology Department

Laura Rae Brady ('01) and Julie Walinski ('02)
Managing Editors

Dr. Isidro Bosch
Biology Department
Associate Editor

Dr. James Boiani
Chemistry Department
Associate Editor

Dr. Chris Leary
Mathematics Department
Associate Editor

We also would like to express our thanks to Provost Dixon and President Dahl.

SUNY Geneseo Journal of Science and Mathematics